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-- by Sasa Stublic

I haven't posted anything for a while, so right now this blog is in 'archive' mode; hopefully not forever. It was started while I worked on indie games and some articles gained enough attention to warrant keeping them online.

by Sasa Stublic on 09/22/2015

For us, implementing analytics in our mobile game Sharp Minds wasn't as simple as it seemed. It is a complex and challenging process. We did it by trial and error and in this post I'll share what we've learned.

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by Sasa Stublic on 03/07/2015

Sharp Minds is free, has no-ads and no in-app purchases.
We chose not to monetize it and if you're indie, maybe you shouldn't either!

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by Sasa Stublic on 02/10/2015

Read on to find out where did idea for Sharp Minds come from and what inspired it.

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by Sasa Stublic on 01/22/2015

I have no clue how to blog. I'm gonna do it anyway. At least I'll try :)
Read why I'm doing it.

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