Our Projects

Some of the most recent projects we've worked on.

Collaboration on G2C projects and product development

Contracted by Omega software to assist in development of several government projects and propriatery product development.

Work on latest project was focused primarily on optimizing the speed of entire solution across several layers (web client, back-end, Rhetos, EF6, SQL database). Optimizations required thorough analysis of system behavior and several refactoring steps. A lot of existing queries were changed and policies set for future ones. Most interesting finding was a serious performance bottleneck in EF6 for any system with complex linq queries - query caching.

Helped with new features and refactored core engine in charge of model serialization and mapping between back-end and client to improve performance, code quality and reduce transport data size.

Customer loyalty solution

Complete software solution for undisclosed client aimed at tracking and rewarding loyalty of their customers.

Entire system is heavily distributed and consists of many modules; data and back-office reside in Microsoft Azure cloud with servers locally present at multiple locations in order to be able to synchronize with on-site third-party software and hardware. Custom MIFARE card reader/touch screen was developed (by a partner) and integrated with solution via TCP. Solution also integrates with receipt printers, ID and barcode scanners and kiosks. A custom kiosk game for customers was developed for the project.

Solution is built using C#, ASP.NET Core, Cloud SQL, HTML5, Angular, Unity3D (for the game), It features integration with financial system, BI reports & analysis, integration with transactional system, centralized logging system, auto-diagnostics and alerting module, UI application over TCP for touch screen and custom security extensions for devices that are part of the system.

It is currently in production and processes tens of thousands of business events per hour.

Other projects

You can read more detailed and lengthy historical account of projects done by Sasa Stublic here.