About Us

DreamVis was founded with an idea of providing a cutting-edge software development services and being a home for people with passion for creating and programming software.

How can we help you?

If you have a software project in any phase and are looking for someone to make it happen, we might be the ones. We thrive in delivering a working, deployed solutions. We like being autonomous in technical/coding areas of the project and will insist on intense communication for business and functionality aspects.

We really, really love solving complex algorithmic/design problems and consider it one of our main strengths.

Most of our recent projects were web apps built on .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, SQL Server backend technologies and React, TypeScript, JavaScript frontend. Our infrastructure experience revolves around Azure services.

Although we are willing to tackle and explore any other (especially new) technologies, working with these guarantees additional value and speed of development.

Why DreamVis?

DreamVis was founded by software development and business veteran Sasa Stublic in an attempt to create a software-development centric environment.

The goal is to capture the beautiful essence of creating high-quality software without corporate complexities and stifling pressure of day-to-day business - with hope and belief that this is possible! :)

Who are we?

DreamVis is a small company focused on delivering quality software development and common-sense approach to complex problems. We take pride in our experience, talent and passion for programming and solving problems.

While developing a product, we always put business goals and product sustainability first. We don't compromise on code/product quality.